Consult & Get Free Quote

Process 1

<p>Hi, Please feel free to contact us via Chat/ Phone/ Email/ Whatsapp and our customer/ technical support team would be happy to assist you in choosing the right plan for your business.</p>

Book Order for Free

Process 2

<p>You can place order for free by choosing the desired plan and entering all required details like, Name, Phone No, Email Id & Address and when checkout you need to choose Pay After Website is Live for business plans and when you choose eCommerce plans; you need to make a very nominal payment for us to start the project.</p>

Domain & Hosting Booking

Day 1

<p>We would book Domain & Hosting on your behalf. The domain name would be custom domain as per your advice eg.,,, also we would start working on website layout & design. Also you can suggest us any website for reference if you have in mind.</p>

Website Live

Day 2

<p>We would start designing and get your website live with required design, layout & functionalities as per your business type or as per your reference and suggestion.</p>

Website Revision

Day 3

<p>You can review the complete website for any design or layout changes. You can go for unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with design & layout.</p>

Revised Website

Day 4

<p>We would do required changes as per the suggestion & feedback shared.</p>

50% Initial Advance Payment

Day 5

<p>After finalizing the website design & layout, you can make initial payment of 50% of total project cost.</p>

Content Update

Day 6

<p>Updating content on website as per the client suggestion like about us, services or products, portfolio, testimonials, contact us...etc</p>

Content Revision

Day 7

<p>You can review the complete website for any text or images or any kind of content on the website. You can go for unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with complete content on website.</p>

Final Payment & Demo

Day 8

<p>After finalizing the website content, you can make final payment of total project cost. And once the payment is update, we would give you demo on how to do the changes on website along with the credentials (Username/password of emails, website...etc) of the website.</p>